Monster Energy Clothing on Hot Selling

        Mary worked in a big Monster Energy Clothing company. Since her first day on the job, it had been clear to Mary that her new boss, Nora, was unusually tense. Today at office Mary saw Nora was watching the presentation, does not look happy,  she wears a Monster Energy T-Shirts, her hands was holding a pencil tightly then suddenly snaped the pencil in pieces. To help to release Nora’s tension, Mary tried to give her thoughtful gifts, the first time was a smoothing wave machine, the second time was meditative Chi balls. And the last time was pile of Monster Energy Jackets. But it seemed nothing could ease Nora’s tension.

        Yesterday on the presentation meeting Nora mocked her campaign in front of the clients. The fire went up through her immediately. Until one day, when it occurred to Mary there was one form of relaxation she had yet to try, one old fashion way. Mary started inviting Nora to drink in the bar. She introduced lots of guys to Nora they met there, Nora’s tense finally had been released. Nora promoted her to be the manager of sales department of Monster Energy T-Shirts

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