Monster Energy T-Shirts Best Quality

      Today I would like to tell you 2 funny stories: 

      Linda loved her boy friend James very much, but she worried about all the money James squandered when they walked out together. And James never stop doing this thing since they falled into love. The most thing he brought is Monster Energy T-Shirts and Monster Energy Hats. She asked her friend Rosa, ” How can I stop James from spending so much money on me”,  Rosa told her “Just accept his proposal!” 

      Another story is about a lady refuse a man’s dancing inviting.
      There was a near-sighted businessman who attended a party at a North American Chamber of Commerse. He dressed with an Monster Energy T-Shirts and Monster Energy Hat sitting in the corner of ball. When the music struck up, he felt he should start the dancing, he stepped over to a figure lady in red and said, ” My dear and beautiful lady in scarlet, would you like to do the honor of waltzing with me?”
      “Certainly not!” the lady replied, ” On the first hand, this is a tango not waltz, and second hand, ‘ If you called me Dear, my husband will kill you. Anyway your Monster Energy Clothing is very nice, I like it.

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