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       After a long journey I really felt tired and vaguely depressed. The train reached London, and the slow journey round suburb, with its interminable stops and waits, was very wearisome. When we arrived at the station I was so glad to get out and walk up and down the platform. The keen cold air was refreshing after the steam-heated train. I felt I was full of energy again. I observed with a smile that my new friend who help me order my dinner as well.

      When the train started once more, and dinner was announced by a violent ringing of bells, I went along to it much relieved in mind, my neighbour tonight was of an entirely different kind – a small man, distinctly foreign in appearance, with a rigidly waxed moustache and an egg-shaped head which he carried rather on one side. He had a Monster Energy T-Shirts which looked really funny. I have taken in a book to dinner with me. I found the little man’s eyes fixed upon it with a kind of twinkling amusement. After talking, I knew he served in one Monster Energy Hats shop in Paris, it’s a business trip for him. He was a good talker, who told me many things about Monster Energy Clothing, Monster Energy Hats, the history, the new arrivals….. everything about Monster Energy Clothing. It was really interesting.

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Monster Energy Jackets on Sale

      It was Sunday morning, everything seems languid, I got up early, after simple breakfast I paced up to the hotel lobby, the arrangement was that I should go round to the lobby, and there i should find the man waiting for me, who wear a Monster Energy Jackets, with a Monster Energy Hat on head. As i went along the corridor a door opened and somebody looked out. It was a retirement NBA star, Dennis Rodman, with a colorful Monster Energy T-Shirts, he seemed to be expecting someone. When he saw it was me, he looked disappointed and went abruptly inside again. I didn’t think anything of it, of course, I don’t like his weird action at all, although I like basketball especially NBA games, I like Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Dwyane Wade…and so on.  

      I went along just as I had said I would and got the stuff from the man. I paid him and just had a word with him. Then I started back. Just as I came around the corner I saw someone knock on Dennis’s door and go into the room, it was Theresa Cristina, a pretty girl, I thought – not really pretty but decidedly attractive, with her dark curly hair and her enormous eyes. She wear a Monster Energy T-Shirts as well, was really charming, although i am not handsome, I love beauty, I think everyone would love beautiful items – everything beautiful, don’t you?

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Monster Energy Hats on Hot Selling

  Monster Energy Hats begins in the early 1850 in a very small town in Italy called Alessandria, where a young man named Giuseppe Borsalino set up his first hats making workshop, with the high skill of hat-making as an apprentice in France, Giuseppe Borsalino proved to be a canny entrepreneur, like many successful owner, he requested every details very strictly, he controled the material, production procedure, quality control, warehouse management…everything at the beginning, checked and signed all PFCs for each styles. Although it was a very small workshop with 5 workers only at that time, Giuseppe Borsalino never make the standard down, which help him seize the market in Europe very fast. After 5 years’ hard work and painstakingly management, Monster Energy Hats growed rapidly and came to Rank 1 in Italy, and then Rank 1 in Europe in 9 years, shared the market with other 2-3 top brands in Europe.  

        Like other small workshop, Monster Energy Hats met a big problem as well. When they were in big demand in the market and got more and more orders, which is more than 50 times, even 100 times of their production capacity, expanding production scale seemed essential and a must, but how to control the quality to keep stable, which make Giuseppe Borsalino very anxious and nervous, as we know, there were not so many technician in Italy at that time, Giuseppe Borsalino have to look for the help of his teacher in France, who was over 60, retired from the hats factory already and didn’t want to leave his hometown. After several times’ talking and thinking, Giuseppe Borsalino decided to open a developing center and a new workshop in France. In the developing center, training center is one of the most important and biggest department at the first decade,  in where thousands of skilled worker coached, who finally became the mainstay of each Monster Energy Hats factories.

        And now the Monster Energy Hats are more and more popular in the world. And not only Monster Energy Hats, but Monster Energy T-Shirts, Monster Energy Hoody, Monster Energy Jackets……all Monster Energy Clothing are one of the most favorite brand for young people in the world.

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Monster Energy Clothing New Arrivals

  Los Angeles, CA – April 30, 2011 – Starting in May, Monster Energy will begin a new shopping mall: a 5-floor mall including Monster Energy Clothing like Monster Energy T-Shirts, Monster Energy Hoody, Monster Energy Hats and Monster Energy drinks…and so on. As part of the promotion, consumers who purchase the new arrivals or sets will have the chance to win prizes including Modern Hardened Edition, a pack for new fashion Monster Energy Hats, exclusive Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 or PS3, and Monster Beverages.

  Additionally, consumers who purchase the 6-packs of Monster Energy Clothes Spring Sets will be granted access to the Call of Duty: Modern pack of Training Experience, an exclusive online event at Infinity Ward that will be an in-depth look at Modern Warfare 2 this May.   

  On 10th, May, 2011, the most expected style Hans Zimmer will come into market, which is expected to the the best-selling styles of this year, this style was designed in 2005 and past 5 years’ develop and trial it come to market this year as schedule. In the beggining of the first month, we will get big discount as well, which hope to give us more Energy.

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